Farming (June 19, 2011)

So basically this week was a pretty good week. On Wednesday we had an appointment to go over to a members house to eat dinner and to help their daughter learn english. She is traveling to Utah next month and really can't speak english so she is a little frightened. She also hasn't been to church for a while...but anyway we went over to their house but before we got to their house we took a detour to their farm. Basically in order to eat we had to dig up potatoes and pull onions so we could eat. I got my clothes a little dirty but no big problem...we got a lot of potatoes and onions for them. It was a very cool experience. We actually had to work for our meal.

On Saturday we were at the church for no real reason. I mean we kind of had a reason but it wasn't that good but any way while we were there we received a phone call at the church and now our chruch phone doesn't have an answering machine so it was a good thing we were there but any way a lady called and said she and her daughter would like to learn about the Bible and what is the best way to do that. I almost fainted with excitement. But anyway I told her that she should come to church the next day. She willing agreed to come. They had a....decent experience at church...I actually think we scared the daughter but the mom really wants to come again.

We also had two other investigators at church. One I really think will get baptized soon becuase she acts like a member. We just need to find time to teach her but she is pretty busy. But give it a little time and it will be good. It is way exciting.

Also this morning I learned something interesting about Japanese history and the language. We teach an investigator every Monday morning and always end up talking about history of Japanese religion. But today I learned the kanji for Emperor . If you seperate the kanji it means Heavenly white king. And they started using that kanji 2000 years ago and before 2000 years ago they don't know who the Emperor was but ever since that time they know. Coincidence....I think not. I think it is pretty interesting. Espeacially the knaji. It is a really cool langauge. Difficult but at the same time cool. It always strengthens my testimony that this is the true church.

Have a great week.
Elder Nelson

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