4th of July (July 3, 2011)

Well Happy Fourth of July!! I hope every one has had a great weekend and had a nice bbq and some watermelon and watched some fireworks. That sounds nice. Speaking of watermelon they are really expensive here in Japan. One is about 30 dollars. Ya expensive. But any way I had some interesting food this week I had chocolate covered seaweed...ummmmm ya it was interesting. I also had chocolate jalepeno...that wasn't actaully that bad. It tasted like chocolate with a really strong spicy after taste. So it was good. I never thought I would have spicy chocolate but the day came. Also I had salmon eggs this week. Those were also interesting. I can't say I disliked them. They had a really strong taste. Dad I think you would like it...mom maybe not. I will definately have it again. We eat onigiri sometimes. they are very popular but it is a rice ball with something in the middle and wrapped with seaweed. They are pretty good but I had the fish eggs in that. I like the tuna mayo ones but they are pretty good.

Well thats about it. Tomorrow we have a fourth of july party so that will be good. It is for english class and hopefully we have a big turn out. I have been calling former students all week and it looks like some of them will come. So that is very exciting. Last week at english class we were talking about some one that I respect and I of course in the little group I was in said Jesus Christ. I figure he is a good person to respect. They asked me why and I said that as people were killing him, Jesus Christ forgave them immediately and that is a very respectful trait in someone. We talked a little bit about him amd what happened after death. Then from there this other man in my group said that there was this sun god that was trapped under rocks for three days and then escaped and there was light again. It seems similar to Jesus Christ so we talked about that. And that is how english class went. We also talked about the tree of life last week. The same man asked what the fruit of the tree of life represented and why didn't Laman and Lemuel eat the fruit. It was a great question. I'm still not sure of the answer but it sparked a great discussion. He is one of those people who you think will never get baptized but slowly his heart is changing.

Well I'm not sure how much I have told you about Emi Chan but she is pretty much the most awesome girl ever. Bar my mother of course no but seriously I gave a talk in sacrament meeting and challenged everyone to pray and from that she started praying. It wasn't even a formal commitment...awesome. We haven't had a real chance to teach her a lesson but we have an appoitment and we talk to her as much as possible. She also said that when she reads the Book of Mormon she feels Jesus Christ is helping her. Is that not awesome. Ya it is.

Have a great week. I love you and I know this church is true and it is guided by revalation.

Elder Nelson

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