English Class (June 26, 2011)

Well I hope everyone had a great week...I had a pretty interesting one. Well I keep getting nose bleeds which is weird but thats ok. I never got them in Vegas but thats whatever. I also got hit by a car. It's not as bad as it sounds. She really just tapped me but thats ok. It is a problem here in Japan. There are a lot of bikers and cars tend to hit us every once in a while. But me and my bike are fine so its cool. A lot of other weird things happened but its ok I'm still alive so its all good.

Something cool about Japan. Apparently Masquitos in Japan don't like O- blood because they won't bite me. Its awesome. My poor companion gets like eaten alive by bugs but I go unharmed...haha. But seriously at first I thought it was wierd when people told me mosquitoes didn't like my blood but I believe them now.

So I'm not sure how much I've told everyone about english class but right now we are up to 4 classes and in all of them we are using the Book of Mormon one way or another. So basically we are doing awesome in that sence. I have never been so busy on my mission. It is a really good thing. But we are also going to start teaching a children's englsih class. So we are going to teach from the childrens book of mormon stories and teach them primary songs. Basically it will be like a primary lesson on Tuesdays with some english. It will also require their parents to attend so hopefully it will increase our teaching pool. We have so parents in our ward that want it...alright the one parent in our branch wants us to do it so we will help her and hopefully find so new people...some people have allready shown interest.

We had two people attend sacrament and also one came like 90 minutes after church ended but thats ok she tried. So one of the people that attended sacrament was the lady who called about the bible last week. This week church was a lot more smooth for them. The mom is actually a member. I didn't even know but she was baptized a long time ago and now with her daughter has started attending church. This is very exciting. The daughter said she has seen a lot of miracles in her life and that has caused her to start wanting to learn about God...very exciting if you ask me. Also the girl that came 90 minutes late is the 15 year old girl that comes to englsih class. We challenged her to read and pray about the Book of Mormon which shouldn't be too hard because she allready reads the Book of Mormon she just needs to pray. So it is going great.

Well have a great week in the summer. It is getting pretty hot over here. It is way better than komatsu winter. The sun feels way good but I only can take it for like 20 minutes than I need sun screen...ya I am still really white...well now pinkinsh but I was white. Take care...the Gospel is true.

Elder Nelson

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