Typhoon (July 24, 2011)

Well we escaped the typhoon but our Monday, Tuesday and half of Wednesday were kind of rough. It wasn't terrible but apparently it just missed us but it still rained and was windy but everyone cancelled on us. Which is too bad but on Tuesday night we were supposed to have english class and our branch president called and said we should cancel it...it was a little to late to cancel but no one really came anyway so it wasn't a big deal. But then he is like you shouldn't like leave your apartment until the typhoon was over but that was Tuesday night and Wednesday afternoon it ended and by Wednesday night there wasn't a cloud in the sky. So it was nice.

And now today it is storming. We hear thunder about every 3 minutes and the rain is just coming down but when we came here it was not raining that hard so it kind of goes in spurts. Even though it is cloudy and everything it is still very hot and very humid.

This week we stopped and talked to a person who was from Greece. I don't think I have ever met someone from there and I wasn't expecting to meet someone from Greece in Japan but he was a very nice man who was here on a business trip. His english was very good but his Japanese was also good so that was impressive. We talked a little bit about religion but he is born again christian. I think...he never said that he just kept saying born again so its a wild guess but he was very friendly.

Unfortunately none of our investigators were able to come to church yesterday, but it was still a good service and we had the opportunity to teach a less active about the plan of salvation. It went pretty well but he had a lot of questions but I won't complain. But after church we had missionary week and with a member we went and visited some less actives. It was pretty fun. One we visit regularly and they are a way...interesting family and the other we have never met before but we met them yesterday. He has been less active for quite a while because over 10 years ago a new version of the Book of Mormon in Japanese came out. And the name was even changed but he had the old one and we gave him a new one and challenged him to read it. The old one has very hard Japanese and is hard for Japanese people to understang but the new one is just a little hard for Japanese people to understand. But anyway he seemed way excited to read it.

Unfortunatley our investigators aren't progressing like we would like them to. We can't force them to do anything but we can help them try to keep comitments which we will continue to do invite them to do that. As I was studying the scriptures this week I read a scripture that explains how I feel. In Alma chapter 13 verse 27. Alma explains how it pains his heart when the people procrastinate the day of their repentance. But we will keep working hard to help them keep those commitments.

Have great summer week!

Elder Nelson

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