what a....week (July 10), 2011)

Guess what?!? the rainy season is over! There should be a day of celebration. just kidding but seriously...supposedly it ended on Friday. Then guess what happened on Saturday it rained. haha. Of course. No but apparantly it is going to get really hot this week. So that is exciting.

Well...I hope everyone had a great week. We had a great time at our Fourth of July party. It was really fun...until my conpanion got sick. But we had a lot of people there. We had less actives come and investigators come and people who just wanted to eat food come...so it was really good. I made some food and my companion made some food and then people brought snacks and we had a watermelon!!! Ya it was so cool but any way my companion got really sick right before the party and hasn't quite got back to 100 percent yet.

Well on Monday we had an appointment with Emi. It went pretty well. She had work until 8 so it was a little difficult to meet her. So we met her at her work which is McDonald's. We biked there and it was just pouring down rain. So we walk into McDoanald's drenched. Then we talked with her for a while and discussed baptism. We set a date for her but it might be a little difficult to meet that date but we will work towards that. She was very excited to be invited to be baptised. Something I didn't know but have since found out is that she has read all of the New Testement. How cool is that? How many 15 year old girls have read the new testiment? And she is Japanese. She said she read it for a school project and all her friends made fun of her but she said that it was a good book and loves it. How cool. So she knows a lot about Christ but she doesn't know a lot about our church yet so we still have a lot to teach but she is awesome. She reads the Book of Mormon so it is good.

We should have a really good week this week. We have a bunch of appointement and it will be great.

Have fun be safe.

Elder Nelson

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