Nagoya (June 12, 2011)

Well it was a pretty good week. We were able to go to Nagoya for a zone conference like activity. Pretty much President Baird talked to us from 10 am until 6 was really long. Like really long. At like 12 30 they gave us pudding cups and I was like afraid for my life that that was lunch. Then by 1 30 I was starving again. Then at 2 30 we got lunch so that was good. They had me worried for a while. It wasn't a bad lunch it was chicken rice and curry. Pretty good. It was still a long training. But anyway it was a cool...we had it at the Nagoya institute house...if anyone knows where that is it is pretty funny. In downtown Nagoya there is this huge fish market and right in the middle of this huge fish market is the institute house. It is always interesting to walk down there because you see so many interesting things like on Thursday I saw some people like cutting off the tail of a whale and that was pretty cool and right next to the door of the institute there were these huge fish...probably still alive and also there were people like spraying the dead fish guts off the ground...I dont think Sister Baird liked it...haha. It smelled like dead fish all day, but it is way funny that that is where the institute house is.

Well English class is going well. I am way surprised but we got yet another new student so that was cool. At first I was not 100 percent for Book of Mormon english class at all. I thought we would lose all our students. But obviously I was completely wrong. It has not only stayed the same but has grown maybe even doubled. It just goes to show that even when according to the world it should fail, when you listen to your preisthood leaders you will succeed no matter what. Like obviously God's hand is in on this because I have never seen an english class grow so is incredible. and it isn't just here it has happened in some other areas so it is really awesome.

It is cool having a companion from Australia...I learn a lot about english. He uses alot of words that I don't prong...what is that. or fairdinkum... I still don't know what this means. We eat about the same food...maybe because we are in Japan. but it is still cool.

Like I said it was a good week. We had 4 people supposed to come to church but because of ailments and sickness and concerts only one came but I will not complain. She is a really cool 15 yr old girl...and because of our branch being tiny we have no young women so she went with the relief society. I think she enjoyed it. Then during sacrament meeting she sat next to a family and really enjoyed it...she said she would like to come back next week. It was very nice. But like in America we have the same issues at church as well. So I gave a talk yesturday and I thought it was pretty hot (mainly because I was sweating) but as I was speaking the women thought it was too cold and turned the ac off. It reminded me of Las Vegas summers at church. Obviously somethings are the same no matter where you go...haha!!! But any way I spoke on prayer it was really basic and just geared towards the think after speaking in church two times a month I would get use to it but I still get a little nervous but just a little...I guess I wouldn't be human if I didn't but I told the story of how a man fell into quicksand and prayed to God. After a man came and asked if he needed help. The man in the quicksand said no God will help me. After that another man came and offered help but the man that fell into the quicksand denied it and said that God would help him...He then died and went to heaven and asked God what heppened I prayed to you and you didn't help. Then God replied I sent two men to help you...the ward seemed to like it but it is true...sometimes we don't realize that God is helping when he always is.

Well have a great week.

Elder Nelson

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