What a week (January 29, 2012)

Well we had a way good last week. We met a lot of different people and had a lot of opportunities to teach, which would make any missionary happy. We also had the opportunity to go to Shizuoka and meet with the stake president and President Baird.

We had many great experiences this week, one of which was with a man named Kono Kyodai. He was the first bishop of this ward and used to own his own company, and was very rich. But unfortunately he had some problems and his company went bankrupt and now he is very poor, just getting by. But anyway we were talking at the church and he was teaching us about the pride cycle in the Book of Mormon. But after we had that conversation we were going to do this activity that helps people give us referrals. And so like we were about to ask the questions and he just gave us three referrals. We didn't even ask a question. And he said that we should visit Saya who is 20 years old and he met her walking. He said when you have the time go visit them. We went and visited that afternoon and she was way nice. She was confused when two gaijin came to her house and we taught about the plan of salvation and then scheduled a next appointment. The member had already given her pamphlets and a Book of Mormon which was really cool. The former Bishop said that the spirit said he needed to talk to her. The truth is the only time he has ever met this lady is when he is out walking. It is really cool how God puts people in our way to help!!

The meeting with the stake was way good as they expressed their desire for dendo. President Baird says its our duty to help the stake become missionaries then he points at himself and my companion and say we are going home soon and then he points at me and says he is going home REAL soon. It was funny and sad but true. We are here to help the members and What a good experience it has been.

Elder Nelson

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