What to say?? (January 22, 2012)

It was a very interesting week, we went to Nagoya on Tuesday for training, Wednesday 4 spokes on my bike broke and it took all day to fix. Thursday was planning day and eikaiwa, amoung other things. Friday we went to another area that is further away than Nagoya but in our zone. Saturday it rained all day (which was the first time it has rained all year so that was cool but it was freezing. After being in the freezing rain for 6 hours we came home but it was good. But acutally we met with two part member families but didn't go inside. We just talked at their door for a while, so it was cold and wet. we scheduled appointments and talked about how to help their nonmember husbands. Then Sunday we had meetings until four and then went home and ate a feast. We are trying to help the ward with mutual, which is a slow progress. We are now doing it 2 times a month which is better than 0 times but we still have some work to do. It's hard when there are only 14 total young men and young women and only about 5 are active. But we are in charge of it. We are like young men advisers which is a cool calling. I definitely can't complain. Then Sunday night we met a part member family, They are Peruvians, but the kids speak perfect Japanese. I think we will be able to meet them again. The dad is a member but no one else is. The funny thing that happened was the mom pulled out a hymnbook and started singing for us even though she is not a member, so that was cool.

This morning we taught a lesson to a Peruvian, his wife is a member and he seems to have a lot of interest, he wanted to meet tomorrow but we are busy, unfortunately. So we have another lesson on Thursday, Communication is an issue because our Spanish is not too good and his Japanese is only ok. But we watched a movie and read from pamphlets so it went pretty well, he said a prayer in the end and it was very good.

We have a very busy week ahead of us, We have 14 appointments plus meetings and I think it's the most I have ever had in one week, We will see how it goes. A lot are with part member families where we are trying to do family home evening because everyone loves their family and this can help them all.

That is about it, it was a pretty slow week but the training was really cool. We talked about the 8 lessons to help us become better teachers! My favorite one is the role of the Holy Ghost in Conversion. It is essential that no matter what we do to have the Holy Ghost, espeacially when teaching.

Elder Nelson

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