This week (January 15, 2012)

My week wasnt too exciting, but it was busy. We are trying to continue forward but we are so busy we don't know what to do sometimes...haha.

We are trying to work with a part member family, the mom is less active and none of the kids are members, and niether is the father. We have a family home evening appointment a week from Saturday with them so that should be good but the grandfather that lives there hates us. I don't understand but the first time we met him he slammed the door in our face and the second time he saw us he ignored us but yelled to the family wierd foreigners came!!!!! and then walked right passed me as I tried to start a conversation with him. In his defense I am kind of wierd but it was just funny, what can you do. But besides him we are excited for the family home evening. Another active family will join us, so that will be fun, there will be 6 kids and a lesson I hope, haha.

Brazilians are funny because we went and visited one family and they are less active have come to church once since I have come to Hamamatsu and when we got there the dad was just in his garments and they talked about how cool the temple was because they went last weekend, kind of funny but starnge, they gave us cheese fondu so thats cool.

We are starting a missionary class during sunday school. We are going to be teaching members how to be missionaries!! so that should be fun. We will be using pmg and there will be a commitment at the end of every class to spark the missionary fire in the ward. We have a good ward for the most part. There are a few people who just no matter what you do won't help you at all, bu what can you do.

Thank you,

Have a good week
Elder Nelson

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