New Companion...(last) (February 5, 2012)

Good afternoon

Well I got a new companion!! He is pretty cool but not the Japanese companion I had in mind. I mean let's be honest, when we think of a Japanese person we think of a skinny person who is a little shorter and has like all the latest techinology...right? Well my companion is about as tall as me but is way bigger than me. I mean he is a pro swimmer. He actually tried out for the Olympics but only got 4th or something so he wasn't able to go. (Ya he's only the fourth fastest in Japan, not that fast) On top of that he was a teacher at a school before his mission. So that's my companion, but he is from Fukushima. If you don't know where that is, well I wouldn't be too surprised but a little. That is the place where the nuclear reactor blew up. Ya pretty dangereous. His family was all ok but of course living in that area is kind of dangerous. And on top of all of that he is a convert of about two years who after the earthquake left his family to serve the Lord (ya he's been out like 7 months) So he makes a pretty good missionary. No but it's really fun working with him. Between the two of us we can get about anyone to talk to us...well that's not exactly true but we do a pretty good job.

Well yesterday we had a pretty good experience. About two weeks ago we went to this less active's (Family of 4) house. None of the members knew him but me and my companion have felt a number of times to go over to his house. We went over and met the wife and the son (Nonmembers) and scheduled an appointment for yesterday. Yesterday when we went over, it was awesome. The whole family was there ready to have a lesson. We actually ran it like a family home evening so we brought a game and a snack to eat. As we talked to them about prayer and the Holy Ghost they excepted everything like we were teaching at a member's house to a member. Then we finsh the lesson and started talking to them. After a while we left and as we walked out and my companion looks at me and was like are you sure they aren't active members. That's how amazing this family is. The dad hasn't been to church in 20 years and the kids are 17 and 16. You can feel that they love each other and want to learn and meet with us. It was incredible. I wish you could have been there.

We also had a Sri Lankin come to church this week. I'm not exactly sure where that place is but he is way cool. The only problem is he can't speak Japanese, just English. He struggles because he can't understand but he was able to make a lot of friends and he went over to a member's house with us and the ysa so it was really good. He says that he feels something different than at other churches.

I also bore my testimony because the bishop like called on me. I mean I made eye contact with him and he gave me "the nod" It was pretty good but it is sad because I don't have that many more opportunities to do this. Like I'm finally getting good at it, come on!! Haha.

Have a great week.

Love Elder Nelson

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