Sorry (January 9, 2012)

Sorry about getting on late but that is way exciting about Josh. How is it going to work this time? You should skype me when he opens it. just kidding but seriously you should.

It is pretty windy here in Hamamatsu which makes it cold but that is all good.

Everything else is pretty normal. My zone is doing ok. People stress me out sometimes but thats ok.

I had a question but forgot.

O ya yesterday we had a ward marathon activity was fun. I took 3rd place and beat the bishop. haha. And he was a rugby player. No but it was way fun we only ran 5k but it was pretty far because none of us did any training. We are all super soar today. Like anytime any of us move we let out big grunts. I'm going to try to start getting in the habit of running again so I don't get fat when i go to America. Its going to be a forever ongoing struggle.

Well the activity went really well. We had some investigators come and some less actives that we are working with come. The ward was very helpful and be friended them. Two of the families that came had children and the children didn't want to go home. So they ended up staying here for a long time. another family that came lives really close to the church. We have this activity in our mission called pivot and we just invite all the people around our church to the activites once a month. It is more to be good neighbors and friends then to get investigators but of course if we can find investigators that way it would be's more of a long term thing I think. But any way one family came to the Christmas party and the party yesterday and she said that when she was a kid she used to come to the church all the she has kids of her own. So thats pretty cool. At the party we ate mochi. Mochi is just smashed rice and then they put interesting stuff on it. My favorite is kinako because it tastes a little bit like peanut butter...the kids also like that one. The smashing the rice is the best part because we take a giant hammer and smash it...I did it last year and sent pictures but that was really fun!! Everyone enjoyed themselves.

Last week meeting with investigators was a big miss but we were able to meet with a lot of less actives and help them. One actually came to church. So that was cool. He is a really a good guy and like helped half the ward get baptized like with out him Hamamatsu would be really small but he doesn't see eye to eye with the bishop and some members so he stopped coming to church. He is a big help to us though so that is really good. He also came to the party which is good.

Thanks for all the support!!

I appreciate it! Have another good week!!

Elder Nelson

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