word of wisdom... (October 30, 2011)

Well this week has been a pretty solid week filled with adventure. Well we had a halloween party and that turned out pretty well. Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves but it was fun! I spent about 500 yen on a costume and I dressed up as my companion and I think Dwight said it best, "imitation is the highest form of flattery.......Identity theft is not a Joke, Millions of people suffer every year," Yep. We also had to guys from the mafia show up...well I hope they were dressing up but they were pretty good at playing the part...lol

We have a very busy week ahead of us. We challenged our investigator that has been coming to church lately to baptism and she readily accepted. She bore her testimony that God has helped her overcome her trials in the past and that Baptism is something she would like to do. We haven't taught her all of the comandments but basically everything else has been taught. We taught her the word of wisdom yesterday and it went pretty well. She has a few bad habbits but she wants to quit and has that desire, so far she is doing well. I actaully gave up something to motivate her. I can't use any type of sauce on my food. It is hard because my parents have sent me bbq sauce and I have a habit of putting it on everything. I also can't use mayo or ketchup which just makes life difficult but it's all worth it to give Kayo motivation. She is such a great Example. One of the things I love about her is that when she first started coming to English class in July she said she had no interest in learning about the Chruch. But then after participating in the Book of Mormon Engliah class her heart has been changed...she has gained a testimony and she wants to follow the example of Jesus Christ. Basically this is how are lessons go "Kayo, what does it mean to you to have a living day Prophet" She replys "it's awesome" And just smiles. I think she is such a great example. Her baptismal date is actually this Sunday but we have a lot to teach and she needs to be able to keep the word of wisdom this week. I believe she can do it.

During sacrament meeting we sang The Iron Rod. I decided to sing it in Englsih for the first time in a long time becasue there was an englsih hymnbook next to me. The lyrics of that song hit me so hard. The 3rd verse talks about temptations and the pathway gets clouded but if you hold to the Rod, God will help you. Then in the final verse it says We can make it to the tree and Partake of the fruit of the tree of life. What a great promise that is. If we hold on to the Word of God we will get through any temptaion no matter what. All we have to do is hold to that Rod and God will help us and lead us back to him. I know God has helped me and will continue helping me!!

Have a great week

Elder Nelson

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