General Conference (October 9, 2011)

Well this was a pretty good week...I had a great conference/birthday weekend. I really loved all the conference talks. It's hard to pick a favorite. I found it interesting that alot of people talked about missionaries and what to do after the mission. Maybe it just felt like that because thats what I was listening for.

Well on Saturday morning me and my companion woke up and and got ready for the 10 mile bike ride to the church where we would watch conference. The funny thing was on Sunday when we were coming back it seems that my companion stopped a number of times. Thinking he saw some money on the ground. I think he really wanted fried No but seriously. We are trying to apply conference into our lives and missions. Sometimes we aren't always going to find money on the ground so we can eat out (even tough I think I might start praying for that occasionally) but I think the messages are all good.

A couple of things I thought were interesting is I'd make sure that girls are home on time because I would not want her father coming and picking her up in the middle of a date...also I liked Elder Bednar's talk. I have never really considered doing family history on my own but now when I get home I'd like to try. I think that kids really could help because lets be honest most kids are better with computers then parents.

Well I had a nice birthday. I was in another ward but I was still sung to. So it was very nice. This one guy forgot it was my birthday so he tried to give me his tie...but I refused to take it. I got a few treats from the branch but that's about it...the best part is that today I'm going to my favorite restaurant...its called yakiniku. You go to a buffet and they give you raw meat...and you eat im kidding. There is a grill in front of you and you grill it your self...pretty cool right.

Well have a great week.

Love Elder Nelson

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