What?? (October 23, 2011)

Yesterday we had a pretty good day at church. there were 4 investigators that came and 3 less actives but anyway one of the investigators is married and her husband gained 45 pounds after marriage. The american in our ward also gained 45 pounds...so there is something with getting married and gaining weight.

I also feel like I'm a different person. Some people don't even recognize me when they are looking at my pictures. so I don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing.

I like that training with the canadian guy. He sounds like he learned alot from that experience. I think that is brilliant and inspired.

I probably should tell you that Japanese people are very interested in Las Vegas and I think I have accidentaly invited 50 people to stay at our house. So if any one takes me up on that offer I apologize in advance. Alright I haven't really told 50 but maybe 20. Im pretty sure no one will take me up on it so don't worry.

An interesting side note...we met to Brits the other day. They were not too friendly to us. I don't know why we didn't even say a word about religion and they just started being mean to us...what can you do. They were with our Singapore friend and so we started talking to him and then with the Brits but they weren't to kind to us so we just left. It was interesting.

The reason I went to the police station is like 4 months ago I found a wallet with a couple of bucks in it so I took it to the police station and they said I could have the money inside. So thats why I went to the police station.

My companion is gettnig a little better at riding a bike. He umm only almost got in an accident. I was riding in front and a car passes me and all of a sudden I hear the car honk and Elder Dinkel was in the middle of the road and then quickly swerved. He was riding down the middle of the road not paying attention. But even with that he has improved greatly.

I feel like I have just rambled on forever. so I don't think I'll have time to write a real letter because I still need to write President Baird and I only have 18 minutes left but anyway it has been a good week. Like I said before investigators are doing well. We actually had a really good experience of how missionary work should be in a sense. We met our investigator on Saturday...the one who came to church last Sunday (she is doing great by the way) we met her and her friend and ask her if she is coming to church tomorrow. She says yes and then her friend gets all interested like what is church. Then the investigator starts teaching her friend about church. Then the friend and the investigator come and the friend ends up inviting her sister to come as well. And that is how it should be done. Like it was easy no pressure and now we have a bunch of new investigators and by a bunch I mean two but still that is awesome. This just doesn't happen in Japan very often so that's why I'm excited. Church has this scary image but now for them its completley good. Hopefully this helps the members see that it is not scary to invite your friends to church or church activities. We also had another student from english class come. She is awesome. Everything we ask her to do she does. She will be speaking Englsih in no time. And have the Book of Mormon finsihed in no time. It's very cool.

That is basically our highlight of the week but I also had another really good experience. Back in July or June I can't quite remember but a long time ago the Elder's Quorum President told us of this less active that the missionaries use to visit but haven't in a while. I said cool and we went over and visited them. The son hadn't been to church in 30 years but he came to Sacrament Meeting yesterday!!! He felt the warm feeling that sacrament gives to you...he felt the healing power of Christ's atonement even though he hasn't come in 30 years. But his mother is not a member. She is a Buddhist and doesn't quite understand Christianity and doesn't think she can learn. When we went over there on Friday to confirm our trip to church with the son, we talked about church and the peace it brings. She finally said after 3 to 4 months of visiting her every week that she wants to go to church. It was so cool. I never thought those words would come out of her mouth but of course the spirit has power and because this is the Lord's work, people will change. Unfortunately she wasn't able to go to church yesterday but hopefully she can come this week. I really love her and this people and I'm thankful for the opportunity to come here.

Keep working hard and be defenders of the faith.

Elder Nelson

ps speaking of defenders of the faith, we have this investigator who is like 69 and he is awesome. He won't come to church or get baptized but he invites everyone to church and asks questions in English class like do you believe in God, and things like that. I don't know why he won't come to church but I think it's awesome that he is helping us.

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