Hamamatsu (November 13, 2011)

Well it has been very sad leaving Ogaki. I mean I lived there for over 8 months. I got to know the city and the people so well. It was really sad but I'm excited to be in Hamamatsu. Hamamatsu is actually the biggest ward I've been in by far and there are a lot of young people as well...so it's very exciting. Actually Hamamatsu has a really cool single adults program called out reach. Basically on Mondays and Fridays ysa's can come to the church and meet with the missionaries, play games and we have a spiritual messages. It is supposed to help them have a choice to come to the church instead of do something not as good. So on Friday we had a massive bbq and over 10 people came. All single adults. Way fun. There was soo much meat...it was awesome. A recent convert and a person who will get baptized soon came...so that was awesome.

We also have family home evening with them on Monday nights but it seems to be way great. I'm excitied for tonight's. Well I was surprised how busy zone leaders are. It might be just this transfer but we are especially busy. President Baird asked me and my companion to meet with with all the ward mission leaders in the mission and help them be better mission leaders. There are only 6 areas in our zone so that's good but the farthest area away is about 2 1/2 hours by train...it is pretty ridiculous. And it costs a lot of money as well.

So we haven't proselyted in our new area too much but, on Saturday we met the ward mission leader in Fukuroi (the area next to ours) and that went really well. He is a really good member and will do anything to help us. After that meeting he took us out to lunch so we are like best friends. Then yesterday we had stake missionary meeting. We met with the stake president and that went really well. We were both really nervous. and we left right after church and thought we could get to the meeting on time but it took over 2 hours to get there so we were a little late. But it when really well and after he invited us over for dinner...so that was really fun. I actually know the members in other wards better than mine. So its very exciting but im excited to be in Hamamatsu. I think its a really good place and the members seem excited to help. Unfortunately I don't know the area that well. I am grateful that I have the opportunity to serve in Japan.

Take care and have a good week!!

Elder Nelson

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