Happy Christmas season (November 28, 2010)

It was a pretty good week.

Thanksgiving was great. First off for our big meal....you guessed it we had sushi. Definitely a Thanksgiving never to be forgotten. We had raw fish instead of turkey. I can't complain because it was good sushi. We were in the apartment deciding what to do for Thanksgiving lunch and obviously we didn't want to cook anything. so we we're like lets go out to eat. So naturally we went out and got sushi. It way way good. It was great I didn't have any nasty ones. I only had salmon tuna and shrimp...I think. It was a great week though as far as getting fed. There were three ward activities...kind of. Every fourth Sunday after church we eat so that is good. The only problem is that the meal yesterday was squid soup. It wasn't too bad. Saturday was good. We had a big lunch and tried to get less actives and investigators to come. The turn out was pretty good. The only problem is that a member made me eat the tacoyaki. That is like a ball of octupus. Not the greatest. But that was the only interesting thing. Everything else there was way good. We also went to a member's house for dinner on Thanksgiving. We had pork so that was pretty good. Then we had a ton of desserts. They new it was Thanksgiving so they pumped us full of sugar. It was a great Thanksgiving.

Ya so Tuesday was the Japanese version of Thanksgiving. I did not know this until Tuesday. So as a ward we went up to this lake. It is pretty close to Mount Fuji but we couldn't see the mountain. It was covered in clouds. It is funny how that happens. It is covered in the clouds like half the time. But this park was way pretty with all the trees. We had a little picnic thing and then went and visited a part member family. It was good. There were like 15 people there. So not too bad. We had bento which is like lunch in a box. It was good except for the dead fish that was just in the middle. It wasn't too bad after I got the bones out. I am also pretty sure there was squid in there but I didn't ask I just ate it. It was pretty good though. We also visited some investigators and got a new one kind of. We went and visited a former investigator and she said she had started praying and would like to start studying again. So that was good.

Everything else was kind of the same. We housed and streeted a lot talked to some interesting people but they all say they are Buddhists. For example I was on the train and I was talking to this 50 year old guy. I started talking about Christ and he is like no I am Buddhist. So I just keep talking to him and found that he likes Christmas. I am like Christ is Christmas. Like it is when we celebrate Jesus Christ's Birth, but he wouldn't have any of it. He was Buddhist. Thats ok. Someone is going to want to learn about Christmas...the best time of the year.

Have a great holliday season as we celebrate Christ's Birth.


Elder Nelson

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