Fuji (October 24, 2010)

Well the big news of the day is that it is transfer day. So they start at around eight and we waited until 10:45 for a call. All the call was that we were both staying together in Fuji. I am way excited. Fuji is sweet. I would be fine staying here for a long while. It is great. It is like one of the mildest areas. It doesn't snow that much in the winter and it doesn't get too hot in the summer. It is perfect. It also has a giant mountain here. So all and all Fuji is great. Also the members are way good and enjoy feeding us occasionally so it is all good.

It has been a decent week. A lot of our appointments got cancelled which is too bad but there is nothing you can do except keep working hard.

This past week was interviews. They went pretty well. I go in with President and it is just like a Psychiatrist. I lay down and close my eyes and then we start discussing what has been going on. No I am kidding but it is almost like that. It is good though. So that was good. I also had an interview with Sister Baird. That was good. She is very nice. She also was making sure I have been eating my fruits and vegetables. She also wanted to make sure I was washing my sheets. So that was good. The best thing was she gave me a piece of pumpkin cake. So pretty much it was a good interview day. After we went to a hindu curry buffet. That was good. I wonder if they have Hindu curry in America because it is good. The curry is alright but the bread you get with it is the best.

We also had family home evening with one of our investigators. That was way good. She gave us Jam. It was really good. It was mango flavored. She also gave us tokyo disney crackers. They are the happiest crackers on earth so like all in all like it was good. She is really close to baptism so that is good. We watched President Eyring's talk so that was pretty cool. She liked it a lot.

I don't think anything else happend this week... I think we went out to eat like 5 times. That was not good. I have like no money. Of course some of it was paid for by members but still not enough. I had sushi...curry...Chinese food (way good)...alright maybe only three times but still.

So have a good week. The Gospel of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is true.

Elder Nelson

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