Happy Thanksvgiving (November 21, 2010)

Well first off let me wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving. It is too bad they don't celebrate one of the best holidays here but my companion and I will figure out something that we can do.

First off this week was great. I had these things called cabbage rolls. They were way good. A member made them for us along with teriyaki sausage pizza. So that was one of the better dinners. I think it is actually called rolled cabbage but you take cabbage and put meatloaf stuff in it and roll it up. Then you put ketchup on top of it. It was way good. For some reason I love cabbage now I don't know why...I think my tastebuds are changing. After not eating like a bunch of cheese and red meat something happens. Wierd. It did have meatloaf stuff in it so maybe that is why it was good. I am not exactly sure what it was because I thought it tasted good and did not want to ruin it.

We went and visited the new investigator that we found with a tachiai. That was good. He had a lot of lessons with the Jehovah's Witnesses but he said the things that they taught him weren't true. So now he is interested in hearing our message. He is a really nice guy with a lot of potential. We are going to keep working with him it should be good.

Suzuki...........She gets sick more than any other person alive. I think she needs to like get some shots or something...I don't know. We talked to her on the phone so we know she is sick but this week we will meet with her again.

The big question that everyone might want to know is what am I doing for Thanksgiving in Japan. We don't have plans yet. All I know is that today I found 1 kg of chili potato wedges and I bought them...so I will definately be eating them. That is all we got so far. President Baird wants us to do a service project that day too. So far it is not looking good. We have been asking people for ideas and we have found none. It is hard here. Japan's culture just makes it difficult to find service...not a bad thing unless you are looking for a service project. We also have a dinner appointment at someone's house. That will be good. One of their sons is serving his mission in Japan...I knew him in the mtc so that is cool. Also one of their sons just got back from byu so it should be a pretty good dinner.

It is starting to get a little chilli here so that is kind of good. We also got snow on the top of Mount Fuji which is way cool. You can't see it right now because it is raining way hard but tomorrow it should look way sweet.

Have a great Thanksgiving. Remember all the things that God has blessed us with. Good luck because I know all of us have like a billion things to be thankful for but remember the true meaning of Thanksgiving, yes the turkey, but seriously, Happy Thanksgiving.

Elder Nelson

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