Happy Halloween (October 31, 2010)

Well let me be the first say happy halloween to everybody. It was a great week.

Well today is my companions birthday. So obviously to celebrate we went and got sushi. It was way good. It was fresh probably caught like 2 hours ago. Like I can see the ocean from the place, so it is pretty legit.

So last night we celebrated halloween like any american would. We went over to our friend's house. We ate a lot and had a ton of dessert. It was way sweet and ate candy. Like some of you we had japanese pancakes. They were pretty good. Let me tell you. It was like egg and flour with cabbage. Then you mix some shrimp, squid and some other fish in there. Then after that you put some meat. And when I say meat I mean like one piece of Japanese bacon. Then you fry it. It was way good. Of course I did not ask what was in it until after and then I forgot some of the stuff that was in it but I think I will definately make it when I get home. It was pretty good. Then we had some really good dessert. It was pumpkin cake and chocolate cake and mango pudding. All really good.

Ya so my friends are members. We call them the sugiyama crew. They are way nice. 5 adults who are like best friends and always hanging out. They are way funny and like us. So like once or twice a month and for holidays and stuff they invite us over to eat. It is way fun. We share a lesson and they feed us. I don't think it gets better. It is way funny. We have fun with them.

So I am not sure if I mentioned it but we teach a kid english class. Pretty sweet. They are good kids. Probably better with numbers in english than you are. They can count up to a quitillion. Ya and the oldest one is 10. Pretty cool. They are all smart. So for halloween they all brought us candy it was fun. Teaching kids english is way easier than adults. Children are chill. Adults always want to be learning something new that everyone in america knows. Kids just...well I dont know what they want but it is more fun.

This week we had a typhoon. It was pretty cool. It was just really windy and rainy all day Saturday. We got all these text messages friday night from the assisstants. Telling us to prepare for the worst. It wasn't even bad though. Like the winds were only like 40 or 50 miles per hour. And it has definitely rained harded so not too bad.

That is about it. We are going to meet with suzuki san tonight and challenge her to baptism. So that will be good. Hopefully she will set a date. She is ready but she is nervous for change.

I have a busy week this week. Tomorrow is sports night, that will be fun. We get a lot of people to come. Then Wednesday night we get to go to Nagoya. We stay the night there and then at the honbu we will have zone conference. Elder Choi is coming to do the training. He spoke in the October 2009 conference. So we are excited to go there. It will be a great experience. I can tell President Baird is a little nervous but I think we will be fine. I am excited to here from him.

That is pretty much it but that is a busy week I think. Usually we chill in Fuji all week but it will be good.

I know this church is true...Have a great week.

Elder Nelson

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