Japan (October 17, 2010)

I hope everybody had a great week.

Ya so today we went up to the water fall...it was pretty sweet. It is from water from mount fuji so naturally it is holy water. So we were able to drink from the streams of Fuji. It was pretty sweet. I don't know if it was the smartest thing because ducks were swimming in it but the member said it was ok. It was way cool. We also had some delicious mount fuji ice cream. It was way good.

Recently I have been eating rice and milk. It is like my favorite meal. I have it like every morning. It is way good. There is also another thing that is way good. It is called nashi. It is so delicious. The only thing that I can compare it to that you would understand is the tree of life's fruit. It is white and way sweet. It also makes you realize the love God has for us by putting this fruit on the earth. It is way delicious. It is way expensive but members and investigators find it important that we have plenty to eat so that is good.

So yesterday was general conference. You are correct it was actually steak conference not general conference. We had to go to homamatsu. Everyone out there who doesn't know where that is (I am sure there are very few) It is a 2 hour drive from fuji. It is like half way in between here and nagoya. (Just for reference I think the drive to tokyo is about 1 hour) So it was pretty far. Yes and that is in our same zone and stake. So it is far. It strated at 930 so we woke at 5;30 and left the church a little before 7. It was a very great meeting. President and Sister Baird spoke. Sister Baird spoke about the challenge it was to move to Japan but the blessings and comfort she has recieved because of it. Also Presdint Baird spoke about missionaries and how awesome we are. No he didn't but he talked about how important it is to strengthen your family and do the basic things as a family. I still have a hard time understanding Native Japanese speakers talks. They were good but they speak in super polite form. They are really hard to undertstand. If they spoke to me like I am 7 then I can understand...alright maybe 5 would be better but you get the point.

We have been doing a lot of finding this transfer and lately it has started paying off. At first it was hard and there was practically nothing to show for it. Now people are starting to listen and want to learn more. One lady we found in this Giant apartment building that we atempted to house. She is way cool. She has a daughter that is 8 and is excited to read the Book of Mormon. She read a little bit of the introduction but is going to read it. That is cool. There have just been more people like that recently so hopefully it stays like that.

Ya so Our main progressing investigator is coming along very well...we are going to challenge her to baptism tomorrow. It will be good. She has previously told us she wanted to receive baptism but she wants to study more. So tomorrow we are going to watch some of general conference and have a family home evening or deal with her and her son. It will be sweet.

Hope all goes well this week

as always

Elder Nelson

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