It has been a great week (June 1, 2010)

Dear Everyone,

It has been a great week. We always have something to do.

Karumina, I still dont know how to spell her name, but she is doing great. She has been super busy but she told us that she has a testimony which is so cool. She is reading the Book of Mormon and she is understanding it i think. She is doing great. Hopefully we can set a baptismal date for her but we are not exactly sure how her parents will fill about that. They are Phillipino and Brazillian so it shouldn't be as hard as if they were Japanese.

We were also able to meet with Chris (the Nigerian) this week again. He is doing great. We watched another movie with him and he said he has been praying. That is always good. I dont think he has been reading because I don't think he knows how to. We aren't exactly sure. He really wants us to teach his wife so we have another appointment so we can teach her. That is really exciting.

We had Zone Conference this week actually yesterday. It was great. I learned so much about how I can be a better missionary. President and Sister Traveller were both really sad. They had trouble talking to us without crying. They are really sad to be leaving us. You can tell how much they have enjoyed this calling. He said he felt like King Benjamin making his final speech to us. We also had an assignment to read Alma 26. That is one of my favorite chapters. Even though I have not had a baptism I have felt great Joy because I have helped God bring a soul Closer to Christ. That is How we have the greatest Joy.

I am so happy Elder Lish is going on his mission. I am proud of him and blessed to know him. He has blessed my life greatly. He will be a great missionary.

I am sorry I have not told you in great detail what Japan is like or what my everyday life here is like. Sorry.
what is your apartment like? It is very small but there is a washer. There is a kitchen and then a bedroom where there are desks to study.
are you in a huge city? Inuyama is not a big city. There is a downtown but its like 2 streets then there are houses, apartment buildings and rice fields everywhere along with Inuyama Castle.
is inuyama like a suburb of Nagoya? Ya I think so. There is contant houses from Nagoya to Inuyama.
How far away is it? It is 30 min by train from inuyama
Do you ride your bike all the time? We ride a lot to some places but we also take the train a lot.
Where do you do your emailing? We do it in a library because it is free
Do you do your own cooking? We do do our own cooking. we eat a lot of rice and noodles and they are pretty easy to make.
Do you sleep on a bed? we sleep on a futon which is a mat on the floor so not really a bed.
How is your food? The food is not bad. Cant complain about rice. I also had steak and real tacos this week but that is not normal. We just eat a lot of rice with curry or something else on it.
Do you have to cook a lot? We usually eat lunch at 11 and then get back to the appartment at 9 and have a little snack
What do you fix? I also eat alot of eggs because they are cheap. There bread is also really good and not that expensive
How is your money that you get for your budget from the mission? We get 26000 yen a month and that has been plenty so far but everything is really expensive.

How is your stomach handling the rice? My stomach is fine but my companion is having a lot of trouble and he has been here a while. I hope he gets better

Do the people like to touch your hair do they make any comment on it. Ya it is funny they love my hair and my eyes. the little children always are staring at me.

How are the members is it a ward or a branch you’re in? They are great there are a lot of members that love helping us and love giving us food which is awesome.

Is it still pretty rainy? It hasnt rained for a week but rain season is coming so i might not see the sun in a while...oh well the rain is cool.

What is your place you live in like? It is small but nice. The neighbors all love us.

And we do not eat on the floor. So thats good.

I hope you have had a nice Holliday. Finish up the school week strong.


Elder Nelson

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