eu amar vosso (6/21/2010)

Well Hello...

From what I hear everyone is doing great. That is awesome.

So it has been a pretty average week (for a Missionary) I think I can say. It rained all week. That was awesome. It has stopped right now but it looks like it will start again. We had interviews with President Traveller. That was fun. He is way sad to be going. He and sister Traveller are really going to miss the mission. He told me to just keep working and all will come. He was prob. talking about the language because I still am having a hard time. It isnt abnormal it is actually normal so ill just keep working hard.

I also played ping pong this week. It was way fun. I defeated my zone leader so that was pretty cool. He wanted to play me again but he got transferred. I also played a Japanese elder. I was so close to beating him but in the end I was defeated. It was too bad but I'll beat him next time. He just kept slamming it on me what can you do.

I didn't really try anything new this week. I had this egg omlet I think with rice and mushrooms in the inside. There was this weird red sauce and cheese (I think) on the top. It was actually pretty good. They also like raw egg. They think it is cool to put raw egg in their rice so of course I can now say I have eaten raw egg. It was actually pretty good. I will definately eat it again and suggest you to eat it. All you do is get some rice and put raw egg in it and eat it. Simple and delicious.

Chris is still doing really well. He has changed so much from the first time I have met him. He really wants to be a disciple of Christ so it is way cool. It is so cool to be there and be able to help him. I have seen his testimony grow and mine has grown as well. He still has a long way to go but he is doing really well.

Ya when it is not raining it is very hot. It is like 32 and it is very humid. When it rains it cools off. I like the rain but the heat isn't too bad either.

So I cant believe I have been in Japan for a transfer. When I came I never thought I would be teaching a man named Chris who is from Nigeria. I also never thought I would be teaching a man named Jose. They both speak English. I thought I would be teaching in Japanese. I also never thought I would be teaching lessons in Porteguese while I was on my first transfer. (they are way easier than Japanese Lessons), not really but it is insane. The Lord has blessed me so much and I am thankful for his gospel. I am thankful that he is letting me be a tool in his work.

Thank you for all your love and support. Thanks for all the prayers.

Elder Nelson

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