Josh's toe (June 7, 2010)

Well hello

How are you doing? I am sure you are great. (except maybe Josh). I am not going to lie when I heard he broke his toe I laughed, but I repented and I am sorry. The boot is the part that gets me. I am sorry. It sounds painful. Look at the bright side, you don't have school for over a year (I don't think senior year counts) JK it counts finish out strong. You get a 3 mounth break. Then you come on your mission and get a 2 year break. it is awesome. Trust me. I do study but it is for a different purpose. It isn't for me, it is for the people of Japan and for God. It is so much better.

Ya it sounds like it is getting Hot in Vegas. It is getting hot here. It is like 30 and very humid it is very fun. (Not sarcastic)

I can't believe Cameron is almost leaving that is so cool. I am sure he will Love it.

Funny story, This week we were riding in the train because we do that about everyday and there was this kid. He took a picture of me and my companion. I thought it was funny. That was the first time. I tried to go talk to him but the train was at the stop and he ran away. I just wanted a picture with him. I did not think I was that scary. I was even wearing deoderant that day lol. seriously I do everyday. I don't know how out of the ordinary that was but you know. Also they love my eyes. They are always telling me how cool blue eyes are. I have also had people ask me if they could touch my hair.

This week it rained once. It was interesting. We were out working and then out of no where the temperature changed and 10 minutes later it was down pouring. We keep plastic bags in our backpack so our stuff doesn't get wet but besides that we had no rain gear. Our apartement was 30 min away so we just went and visited members soaking wet. They were surprised to see that we would come visit them when it was thundering and lightning. We were like we Love you. And so it went really well. One of the families seems really interested. They are 20 and have a very very young kid. We talked to them about families. They seemed really interested. The husband already gave out a book of mormon. We were like that is awesome.

We are way close to getting our first baptisimal date. Karumina said she was going to pray about baptism. Awesome. We asked her to read 2 Nephi 31 and she told us that she already had read it. We were like you are awesome. She is doing really well.

I hope you have another nice week. Josh have fun with your toe...sorry.

Elder Nelson

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