Inuyama (6/29/2010)

Whats up!!!!

First of all that is like my favorite view. I see it 4 times a week at least. It is awesome. The castle is inuyama . It is awesome. We are going to go 1 pday.

Cool Experience: This happened like 3 minutes ago so I feel as if I should share it. I was reading my emails and this dude came up to me and my companion and said he had read some of the book of mormon before and was interested to learn more. We were like definitely. So we told him tonight at 7 we could meet with him. I was happy we came here so late. God has a plan for all of us and it is way funny how things work out some time but he wants to learn more so it is way awesome. It was way cool because we were housing for like 3 hours yesterday because we couldn't really teach anyone for the rest of the day. We didn't really find people. The closest we got is we were talking to this 20 year old girl for like 5 minutes until her dad yelled at her and came and closed the door. It was sad but everything works out.

Also yesterday we went on companion exchanges it was way fun. The elder that I got to go with has not been in Japan for a week. Like he has been here 5 days. So he knew less Japanese than I did. It was different. I couldn't ask anyone what happened. I had to tell him what happened. I was able to understand the jist of what was going on. It was way fun. It was an experience like no other.

Also if you think Utahans are bad drivers. Come to Japan they have nothing on them.They are so bad. I think they drive with their eyes closed. I was almost hit like 3 times this week. They are terrible. I realize why they take trains all the time.

This week I didn't really have any cool food experiences. I ate pickles and was able to hold them down. I dont think I even gagged. I can't remember. I try to forget that my stomach had to hold such a nasty thing. I also had this thing called gyudon. I might have told you about it. It is way good. All Americans would like it. It is like really really thin cut meat. With onions all over rice. It is way good though and the meat is cooked yes there is not even any pink probably because it is so thin.

Chris is doing well. He is not happy that Nigeria is out of the world cup but he said the rest of Africa is Pretty good I dont know. Some people like it here. Probably more than in America. There are a lot of Brazilians...that is probably why.

So ya basically it has been another awesome week. It is either really hot or raining and hot but its pretty hot in vegas so its not bad. I love it here and I am having so much fun. Have another great week. Thanks for the prayers. There is no doubt in my mind that they do help. I know they help. Thanks so much.

Love Elder Nelson

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