Wow What a week!!!! (June 14, 2010)

Wow What a week!!!!

First off I would like to say that my companion and I set our first baptismal date. It was so exciting. It was for our investigator not us. We have been working really hard. It is for Chris. He is the Nigerian. He is hilarious but he is going to get baptized on July 17th. He has come a long way. At first he was drinking and smoking. He quit really fast. One time he did it the next time he stopped. It was awesome. He also has stopped drinking tea. He has so much faith. He just stopped. He is such an awesome person. We are so excited for him.

Today I got my hair cut. I am still not fluent in Japanese so I had no idea what they were saying to me. It did not turn out too bad but some how I got my face shaved. It was funny but it felt good. They also shaved my ear which was kind of funny. I was not expecting it and then they stuck this thing in my ear. I was waiting for them to stick it up my nose but they did not.

I have had a bunch of different foods this week. We went over to the Philipinos house and they fed us some really good chicken. Last p-day we went to the restaurant, because the buffet was closed and I had eel gyuudon. It was good. It is eel with this beef stuff?? all on top of rice. Then on Sunday we went to the bishop's house. That was fun I am starting to understand a little more but I had kimchi there. It is a Korean dish. We put it on top of our rice and it was way good. I loved it. I just had to forget that it was fermented cabbage. It was also pretty spicy which helped I loved. All those things were way good.

My comp has 3 transfers after this one. We are getting along very nicely. But I try to be very polite when we eat out. You would think I was the most impolite person in the world if I ate like the Japanese people do. It is just the opposite of Americans. I was eating like an American and they told me to eat like a Japanese person so I am working on it.

Ya there is bacon. A couple of weeks ago I had this bacon bread it was way good. It was bread with bacon inside. It is way expensive to buy it though. I have seen it. I can definately make it two years with out bacon...I think no but seriously I can. My companion loves McDonalds so we go there like once or twice a week. He really misses american food. Whenever we go there it is interesting, I am way good at ordering from there now. Practice makes perfect. I haven't seen too many stores. I went to 31 Flavors ice cream place...maybe Baskin Robins I don't know. There are also 7 11s everywhere but there are no slurpees in them which saddens me.

Also this week we went on companion exchanges. The elder I went with has only been out one transfer longer than me and he is not from Japan. It was very fun. we went and visited some investigators and taught lessons in Japanese. Then we taught a member and ate dinner at an English speakers house. It was fun. It was just like a normal day. We got around fine and never got lost. He came here so I was the leader. Honestly it was way fun. I also scheduled our appointment with the bishop in Japanese. I do a lot of things with the phone because my companion hates calling people.

So it has been another great week we are going to continue to work hard. Have a great week. I know this church is true. I have reading in 1 Nephi and it said like 5 times the righteous need not fear. Awesome. Have a great week.

Elder Nelson

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