What is up (May 24, 2010)

What is up

It has been has been another great week. Japan is awesome. It has been raining for the past few days. It is way fun to ride your bikes in the pouring rain. We came home soaking wet, even with rain gear. It is fun.

On sunday i gave a talk in sacrament meeting...in Japanese. It was very interesting. It actually went well. I talked about alma 37:6. I talked about what small and simple things we can be doing everyday to bring to pass great things. My main point was how important praying everyday is. It only takes a few minutes and you can receive so many blessings from it. it was going really well until i started bearing my testimony and i said something like "if you do what the prophets say, blessings" I probably could have said something better but thats all that came out of my mouth. There was a translator behind me and he just paused and then i continued on. I think the rest made sense though.

Later that day we taught this Girl her name is kaurimine, she is 17 and has been coming to church for the past 3 weeks. Her friends brought her. It is always great when investigators start out with friends. But in the lesson there were 4 languages being used. She is way smart and could understand all of them. She actually knows 7 different languages. I asked her how she does and she just said that they were easy. I dont know how she learned it but i want to do it the same way she did. That lesson went really well. I know only because the spirit was so strong i didnt understand a word of the tagolag or when they were talking in portuguese, maybe a little Japanese, but it went really well and she seemed excited to learn more. We were going to visit her yesterday but something came up so we are meeting her later today with her member friends and a recent convert fabio.

Fabio is the best. He helps us teach every once in a while but he is busy with work. He got baptized a few weeks ago and is a really strong member. He can speak english, portugese and japanese so it is great to have him around. It is awesome to see the product of what good hard missionary work can accomplish.

Chris (the nigerian) was busy all week so no update on him sorry. We are going to meet him tonight though right after kaurimine.

It has been another great week. We see miracles everyday. It is so fun to be out here working hard. I love the Japanese people, also the food is pretty good. The brazilion family cancelled on us but we are going there on saturday. Also we have rice like everyday. It is pretty good. We always mix something in it. So everything is great. I know that God knows each one of us. I know he loves us and blesses us.

Have a Great week.

Elder Nelson

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