Happy 4th of July (July 5, 2010)

Whats up!

It sounds like everyone has had a great 4th of July。

Mine was pretty good. Apparently it isnt a big holiday over here. I was fairy suprised. I didnt even see one fire work set off. Who knew that Japan did not celebrate 4th of July. O well I enjoyed it. I was as patriotic as I could be while being on a mission in a different country. I had the opportunity to eat watermelon which brought me great joy. Watermelon over here is like 20 dollars. I think that is pretty expensive but we had one. We also had hot dogs. They are like 6 dollars for 8 of them. They were way good. It was like the best dinner ever. We also went to a brazilian tabehodai which is an all you can eat buffet. It was way good. I had some steak and some chicken and some rice of course. No meal in Japan is complete with out partaking of some rice.

I had the opportunity this week to go welcome our new mission president. That was way cool. It must have looked awesome seeing 40 missionaries dressed up, waiting for someone to come off of the train. He had people taking pictures of us and all sorts of fun things. When he arrived we sang the song `warera wa ten n no... susume iza susume` Which is of course "Called to Serve". He was so happy to see us. It was a cool experience. We also said bye to the Travellers who are probably chilling in Utah right now. That was a great experience.

just an fyi. My pday next week will be on monday and most likely on the p-days following. So thats cool.

I also went on companion exchanges with Elder Fujishima who is our Zone Leader. That was way cool. He doesn't speak much English. It was challenging because I couldn't ask him what just happened. He would say the same thing. It really helped me out and I was able to learn a lot even though it was really challenging doing everything in Japanese.

Another fyi: The nice man we met last week is doing well. We taught him lesson 1 and part of lesson 2. We are excited to be able to talk with him and continue to teach them.

I hope you have another great week all is going well. It keeps raining so thats always fun

Elder Nelson

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