Subway (April 24, 2011)

Ya!! there is a subway in my area. It is only like 10 minutes away from my apartment. It is pretty sweet. I found it last Monday and plan to go a lot...too bad it is way expensive but I haven't had a real sandwich in a while so it is way nice. Last week I had a blt...I think on the footlong there were 2 slices of bacon so I was pretty impressed. It was almost like I was back in America and as fake as the bacon was it was the best I have had in a long was such a good day. I had octupus pizza but I have had that before. So that isn't too exciting but everything else was pretty normal.....for me. But the new missionary struggles. It is cool to see how much I have grown and changed and what I have learned to like. Way cool experience.

Ya so my new companion is Australian and is pretty cool. He says some defferent things like it is heaps fun and stuff like that...we are having fun here in Ogaki.

The Tokyo missionaries might be going back next week but no one really knows. Our zone leader says a few might start going back but we are not really is funny that they came for like one transfer and now they might leave. What can you do...just keep working. It will be sad to see them go but that's alright.

Investigators..........................We got a new one...kind of. She is way cool. She is 15 and is always happy. Most Japanese people don't act like her but she started coming to english class. It works really nice because her homework is to read the Book of Mormon and she does it every week. She has a great attitude about reading it even though it is hard english. She also wants to come to church this week so we are really excited for her.

I hope every one had a great Easter and continues to remember the great gift that the resurrection is. It truly is a great gift that everyone matter what. It is pretty exciting if you ask me.

Elder Nelson

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