General Conference (April 3, 2011)

Man I am so jealous...everyone got to see general conference this I am way excited to get to see it next weekend but still. Let me give you an example, me having to wait an extra week for general conference is like having to wait an extra week for the premiere of the office season 8 but I think I will be able to make it. In order to prepare for this wonderful opportunity of watching conference, I have been studying last general conference. It was really good. I really have learned a lot after reading all these talks.

That is way cool baseball season has started. I really dont know when it starts here but I saw some high shool players playing some ball. It was way...natsukashii??? Ya it brought back memories?? i think that's right but was it was way fun.

This week we have finally started to see sakura. Sakura are really pretty cherry blossoms. They are starting to come out and that means it is warming up!! yay! I wasn't able to see them last year becuase I got here in May and I probably won't be able to see them next year so this is really like a once in a lifetime opportunity...maybe. They are so pretty and they are everywhere. They only last about a week to so they go by very quickly.

This week was pretty cool because we met with a less active. He was very nice and is the only member in his family. He was also able to come to church last week. He told us that he is preparing to serve a mission. That was really cool to hear. He is working full time right now to save money to go on a mission. That is really cool. We are really excited to help him prepare for this wonderful opportunity. He is really smart and a really good guy the only problem is his work interferes with him coming to church...but that was really a great opportunity.

We are starting a new english class program here so that is pretty sweet. We even created a syllabus and you can tell that we actually did it because how else would I be able to spell syllabus correctly. That is way above my spelling level. But seriously it is way cool. If people miss class we are going to go to their house and teach a make up lesson and the whole class will be using the Book of Mormon. So I really think it is going to go well. They also all have homework from the Book of Mormon. So it is really good...I think.

Our investigators are doing pretty good...I guess. We have one really good one but the others aren't really progressing. One also kind of dropped becuase she can't become a member becuase her family is Buddist, which still is something my mind can't comprehend but besides that life is good. We are starting some new finding programs with the ward so those are looking good. I am glad that we have a prophet on the earth today that we can listen to on a regular basis. Have a great week.

Elder Nelson

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