bamboo! (April 17, 2011)

Ya I ate bamboo this week. I know I thought only panda bears ate things of that nature but apparently that is not true. Humans can also eat bamboo. It was pretty good but it was a hard. It was kind of like a potato but absolutely different. I'm not going to lie I would definately eat it again. I also saw another miracle this week. We received those costco chocolate know the giants ones...ya those from a member. It was like the best thing ever. It was way sweet. I haven't tasted something that chocolatey since my parents sent me a package...just kidding but seriously they were delicious. Too bad they got eaten with in like 5 minutes of receiving them. It's ok they were good.

I have been thinking lately about the blessing that it is to come on a mission. Let me give you an example...I was talking to this guy on the train a while ago and even though he didn't have too much interest in the church we talked about why I was here. He said that it was such a great opportunity to come here. I have been able to learn about a new culture and a new language. It really has been a great experience to learn new things and meet new people. It is also fun to meet all types of new people that I get to interact with almost everyday. In that way it is awesome. In another way all the blessings that you and others receive. I was talking to my bishop's wife who lives in an area I previously served in and her daughter served a mission. She talked to me for like 10 minutes about all the blessings she has received because her daughter has served a mission. Also I know my parents have received many blessings. Really it is the best thing a young man can do. All those blessings don't include all the miracles I have seen and all the things I have learned. It really is a blessing and I don't even realize half of it.

Continue working hard back home and put your trust in the Lord.

Take care
Elder Nelson

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