Conference (April 10, 2011)

So basically General Conference was awesome. I really did enjoy all the talks. It really is fun to hear the the Prophets of God. I really enjoyed Elder Oaks talk about desire along with many other talks that I can't even remember. I am really excited to read and study them again. I also really like the one about pain. I really thought he started the talk out funny and had a good message. I also liked President Uchtdorf's talk, I liked both of them but the Road to Damascus part was really good.

So after conference we started heading back to our area because we couldn't watch it at out church. We were waiting at the bus stop and this member who happens to be black offered me some jerky. But unfortunately this wasn't beef jerky. This was squid jerky. Ummm. Unfortunately, I did not know this at that time. He says to me that all the old people eat way good man. I looked at it and had this I hope that he wouldn't make me eat it but he did. Not knowing what it was I didn't resist and I ate it. It was way chewy and tasted like dead fish but the worst part was that that taste stayed in my mouth until I got home. It was Sunday so I couldn't buy gum even though I am pretty sure that was an ox in the mire situation.

I had interviews with President Baird this past week. It was very good. He really does know how to make you feel good. It would be better if I understood the big words he complimented me with but maybe one day I'll understand. I am pretty sure my vocabulary has increased after he became mission president. For example in this mission we are very big with working with people in our propinquity. Actually it is working really well. We have a potential investigator that works at the store next to us just because we are nice to him everytime we see him...maybe eventually he will show some interest. I try to tone down the level of difficulty when I write my emails just so people of all ages can read and understand what I have to say.

So our next english class program started. It went really well. We had some new students come and we taught our lesson on faith and there were people in the class teaching us about faith. It was very good to see them understand the principle of faith. It was really good and at the end we gave them a reading assignment and that was to read in the Book of Mormon. It was really good because the American in our ward has learned some languages just from reading the Book of Mormon so he can testify about how helpful it is and that is actally works.

This week we taught this man named Brenden. He is an American from New York. He is very fun to talk with and teach. We had a very good lesson with him and I really think he has a lot of potential. We finished the lesson by talking with faith. He told us that he has a hard time believing in Joseph Smith but he has faith in Jesus Christ. It takes the same faith to believe that Joseph is a Prophet of God because he has never met Joseph Smith. He said he would pray about it and continue to read the Book of Mormon because he wants to know why so many people claim that This is Jesus Christ's Church. I am really excited for him.

I am grateful for living prophets and the opportunity we had to listen to them this last weekend. It is really great to belong to The true Church which was restored through Joseph Smith.

Take care and have a good week


Elder Nelson

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