Plague (May 1, 2011)

It was a decent week all things considering. My companion and I fell ill. So we did not have the most productive week this week. He got sick at the beginning of the week and I got sick toward the end. We both had fevers and felt really weak but we both recovered and made it to church. It was a very nice day at church. The members seemed very excited to have 4 missionaries serving in Ogaki. It seems that it hasn't happened for 20 years so everyone is surprised and excited to work.3 of the 4 missionaires bore our testimonies so that was good. We are just filling everyone with dendo fire.

So Japan is starting to get warmer...actually it is the side of hot today. I am excited. I am ready for winter to be over and summer to come. It is about to get really hot and humid.

We saw a pretty cool miracle this week. My companion left his id card at a store on accident. There was also a copy of his passport in there and some other important things that he left there. So after about two hours we realized that he left it at the store and went back to find it. They didn't have it there and we searched our apartment and couldn't find it. We just prayed really hard in hope to find it. At about 9 o clock this man comes and knocks on our door. We open it and he says he has something for Elder Bardzinski. It was is id card along with everything else that he left at the store. It was pretty cool. It was way cool that someone went out of their way to bring it back to him. He was truly blessed of God.

Have a great week and a happy Mother's day...take care

Elder Nelson

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  1. This is a fabulous BLOG! Yay Elder Nelson! It's nice to have this cousin's address now. Also, I love access to his letters and pictures.