The drama in a missionary's life (February 19, 2012)

The investigator that got ran over by a car is doing a little better...we were able to meet with him and so that was good but he can't move very much. He moved his legs which is good but he broke his wrist in a bunch of places. He also got this huge gash on his forehead and he hurt his neck which is the thing I think everyone is most worried about. He was happy to talk to us but he has a long rode to recovery. It's sad, but it was an accident. The lady ran a red light but I don't think she meant to. But she was un injured. He could probably sue her for a lot of money but she is a young mother and so he says I have a family and I wouldn't want to be sued. She didn't mean to hurt me so I will forgive her. I thought that was really cool. He said that even if he took her money it wouldn't solve his heath issues. Money can't solve anything, I still have my family so I'll be fine. Truer words could not have been spoken. Yes we need money to survive but I think he did a really hard think but it is way good. And by the way his car got destroyed. It looked pretty bad. They were both going about 45 when they hit.

Well, we had an interesting experience this week. I had more than one but this one is really cool but sad but exciting. So on Wednesday morning at 10 30 we had an appointment with a member. I actually was on companion exchanges but we get to his house and he is just like let's go visit my friend. So of course we are like sounds good. But he wouldn't really tell us too much about the friend just we were going to go talk to her briefly. We leave and ride our bikes about 20 minutes with this member and get to a barber shop and there is a lady there waiting for us with like chairs set up looking like we were going to teach a lesson. Me and the missionary I was with are both pretty experienced (Old) missionaries, but I don't think either of us have had a surprise lesson. We sit down and the member introduces us and says these are the missionaries and they can heal you. and then looks at us and was like give her a blessing. Me and the missionary look at each other and like wait a minute she knows nothing. So we start talking to her about the people we teach and problems they have to overcome. Then we talk about baptism for a little bit followed by the apostasy and the restoration of the church, and how the authority has been restored on the earth again so we can use Jesus Christ's Authority to give you a blessing. Then the member is like we really don't have time so can you give her a blessing. So we did, and after we finished she just cried for like 3 minutes and no one spoke. Then we stood up and talked to her more. Then we asked her to be baptised, but the member didn't let her answer he just said, no for her, which I think she would have said yes which kind of made me angry because we weren't really asking him. But that's ok, everyone makes mistakes. Then we tried to schedule a next appointment, and the member answers for her and says no. So that wasn't nice but I was like alright she is your referral. But I gave the lady our number. and she took it, but she is still crying while all this is happening. Then she is like why am I crying!??! And we talked about the Holy Ghost for like 5 minutes and then at the end of that she was still crying and she is like...Why am I crying!!!??!!! and she's like I have a feeling running up and down my body and it is just so warm. Then we talk and when we left she was still feeling the same way. Then on Sunday she called us and talked with my companion for 30 minutes. She has researched many other churches and there isn't anything like this chruch. She said she is worried about her family being against her but she wants to meet again!! So we are actually going to talk to her later today. So that's exciting. It was pretty interesting expereince but this is the edited version, I'll probably tell you the longer version when I get home but it was pretty cool.

That was the Experience of a mission...

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