Sightseeing (February 12, 2012)

Well, We went to a near by lake today and took pictures and we also went to the Hamamatsu castle. It was really pretty. It was pretty small for a castle but it was a nice view of the city.

It will be way good. I found some cool things today.

Well, we had some interesting things happen in the mission this week.

1. One of the missionaries in Hamamatsu got lost so President Baird told me to wait in the apartment and have the other 2 go out and look for him. It took them a little over an hour but found him. He just got a little turned around. But I was alone for a while. It was very interesting. I didn't know what to do. I cleaned up a little and exercised. It was pretty interesting. Kind of lonely because I didn't have any one to talk to.

2. Mom im not sure if this is what you are talking about but I don't think I get to go to the temple in Tokyo but I want to. But anyway, President Baird has asked me to go to Tokyo to accompany a missionary in my zone who needs an interview for college, so on the 3rd of March I get to go up to Tokyo. I don't know if that explains how excited I am but I am pretty excited. I get to ride the bullet train up there and don't have to pay...but I'm way excited.

3. Well, tomorrow is zone conference and so we have to give some training. That's exciting.

4. This isn't interesting but our best investigator got in a car accident and got 10 stitches in his head. And hurt his arm and leg really bad. It is really sad but we are giving him and his family a lot of support. But really tragic.

5. We met a lot of less actives this week, I guess that's not out of the ordinary but one comes out and the first thing she says is welcome and the second thing she says is I have been thinking a lot about repentence. Then we asked her if there were any reasons why she is not going to church and she said, I don't like crowds of people but I should go. Well, she came to church yesterday.

6. Another Less active we met had never seen the Book of Mormon before and then said he was pretty busy with work...too bad the wife came in and said he was out of work. Basically what I'm saying is we get to go meet them again

It was a pretty interesting week. As the days count down there is just more and more I want to do and i just keep getting buisier and buisier

Take care

Elder Nelson

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