Christmas Week (December 25, 2011)

Well, We had a nice Christmas week here in Japan. Actually yesterday it snowed a little. I'm not sure if it would usually count as a white Christmas but I will count it this time. We had a bunch of Christmas parties that we went to this week so that was good. We actually went with some investigators and they really enjoyed going so that was good. We had a lot of fun talking with everyone about the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I'm way sad Christmas is over. The big hype and now it's just gone. It is always a fun month. It wasn't quite the same hear in Japan but it was still pretty big.

We actually have been trying to give people presents and gifts but everytime we have tried to give something to someone we end up coming home with twice as much stuff. It goes to show that you can't give the Lord the crust of bread without getting a loaf in return. We actually went to this member's house just to drop of a little goody bag that we made and she ran inside and came back with like a chicken platter, apologizing that that is all she had. There were like 10 pieces of chicken on it. All we gave her were a few treats and she gave us a ton a food in return and wouldn't stop apologizing because it was so little. And I'm just standing there like you gave us your Christmas dinner, it is plenty, actually it's too much!! But she just kept apologizing. My companion and I were able to feel the Christmas spirit as we visited everyone and we saw immediate blessings for spreading the Christmas spirit. I hope everyone enjoy(s)(ed) Christmas and have a happy and safe new years!!!

Elder Nelson

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