Christmas Party! (December 18, 2011)

Well we had a great week before Christmas and it was topped of by a wonderful Christmas Party. We had a great week preparing for this Christmas party, and we weren't sure how many people were going to come. We invited a lot of people and worked really hard to get as many people there as possible. It was a great program. It started at 5 and the young men and young women put on a nativity and did it by shadows. They made cut outs and made them move on the projection screen. It was a good and then the primary was the angel choir and then there was another choir that sang Silent Night. It was way good. Way spiritual. Then after that we watched the Christmas devotional and that was really good. Then we had a huge feast and there were so many people that we couldn't all fit in the cultural one could sit down we were all standing. So in our ward there are about 80 active members and we think that about 150 people came to the party which is a huge success. It was so great. The four of us misisonaries couldn't keep up with all the people we didn't know there. It was really ridiculous. I tried to talk with everyone but it was just too much.

Then on Sunday we were hoping that some of them would come to church but only a few came. It's still good. then after church we went and as a service sang at an old folks home. It was fun. They loved us. It was funny talking to them. Old people are always surprised when foreigners can speak Japanese. They also like taking my picture but it was good. I learned some Japanese traditional songs, now if I can remember them it will be a different story.

It was really nice seeing the Nativity and listening to the music. It was such a great opportunity to feel the spirit and be reminded of the true meaning of Christmas. I am grateful for the Savior's example and the life he lived for all of us. The Nativity is such a miraculous one and I am touched to hear it every Christmas season. He is the Christ the Son of the Living God

Have a great Christmas. Make it a memorable one!

Thank you
Elder Nelson

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