Trainer?? (August 21, 2011)

First off I only typed a little last week because I went to a bbq and my companion had to pack and everything so it was busy to say the least but, It was way fun. I had some meat that I have never tried before. For example ostrich and crocodile and kangaroo. My personal favorite was crocodile. It tasted like Chicken on steroids. Don't ask me how we got crocodile meat in Japan but is was delicious. (No I still like bacon more, but still it was pretty good.) Unfortunately it rained and we had no umbrellas but it was fun. I also ate caviar (ya I'm not sure how to spell it) but it is called ikura. I have had small fish eggs before but these are bigger. And they are ok. Basically they are like balls of fish juice and when you chew there is just a bursting flavor of fish. I also ate nato which is fermented beans. I still have trouble eating that. It's just not that great. I tried to make the new missionary eat it but he took one bite and said no more...and I was like fine. I am trying to be nice but I have some work to do because I made him take a bite of some of the fowlest foods in the world(next to pickles of course).

Alright I met a man from Sweden today and I felt like I was looking in a mirror. He had golden hair and bright pink made my day.

Well ya last week I wasn't kidding when I said I went trainer but I am way excited and having a blast. Well as everyone has been saying there is this new curriculum for trainers. It is pretty intense but we have an extra hour to study which has its ups and downs. We also got Dvd players in our apartment. It's sweet. But they have very strict rules for example we can't even watch general conference on them right now. Trainers are the only people in the mission who have them right now. haha. So on Tuesday I went to Nagoya for some training and that was fun. There, President Baird told me 2 times that if he decided I wouldn't have been trainer, he said he would have transfered me somewhere else. It was kind of weird hearing that but it reassures me that God is incharge and he knows what he is doing. So I am glad I am trainer and excited. It hasn't been the easiest week of my mission but it has been rewarding and fun. Let me explain to you what it is like. I'm like K and he is like J. Men in Black. So ya I give him the little gun and he doesn't know how powerful it is basically. I mean if you watch it you would understand...I think it's pretty accurate.

It has been a fun week. We are really trying to focus on less actives because our branch could really use more people at church...also the less actives could be blessed form going to church so it's a win win win situation. haha. No but seriously we have a fall festival coming up and we are visiting any person that has ever had any relations with the church so that we can invite them. It is going pretty well. We have met some interesting people. We went to the station to pass out English class flyers and we met this black guy from Detroit (He doesn't like the Lions so we are friends). He was very funny but he has been here for 10 years and was very nice to us. He invited us to go over sometime so we are going to take him up on that offer this week. He loves singing gospel music and told us that we could make money if we started marrying poeple. Then as we were leaving he is like call me any time I gotchyo back bro. So I felt like I was back home for a minute.

We have a good week planned and I'm excited to still be here in Ogaki. I was way surprised to stay but I know this is where the Lord wants me to be.

Elder Nelson

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