Peruvian Party (August 7, 2011)

Well this week was pretty interesting. First of all I ate cow tongue..ya I never thought I would eat that in Japan but I did. It wasn't bad. The funny thing is that I ate it at a sushi restaurant and as I told people that I had cow tongue this week they were like cool...and then I told them I had it at the sushi place and they crack up and say it must have been disgusting why did you eat it there. I had never seen it before so I just took it and ate it. It was a little tough and just me thinking that a tongue was in my mouth was hard but besides that it wasn't bad. I also had pickles and seaweed salad with a little honey on top. Alright this might be the worst thing I have eaten in my entire life...I feel like I'm I don't want to complain because I'm sure people in other places have to eat worse things but this had to be the worse thing I have ever tasted. My companion who loves pickles said he didn't like that is saying something. I even asked the lady who gave it to us if she liked it and she said that she didn't like it but she eats it because it is good for you. as more bite and I was done for.

There was a summer festaval this week and that was pretty fun. We went with a less active and we met so many people that we was so much fun.

English class is going well. The number of students has dropped a little probably because summer vacation just started so we are trying to make new handouts to pass out to people but it is taking longer than expected. We are still reading from the Book of Mormon...we are on page 21 so we are making good progress.

We always see this guy riding a little moped in front of the church when we go to set up for eikaiwa. It is so funny because he goes like 15 miles an hour under the speed limit because its so old. He always gets passed by cars, it's funny. We have been trying to figure out where he is from because first of all he waves to us and Japanese people wouldn't usually wave to us. He also has a nice mustache which isn't Japanese at all. So on Tuesday we see him and he waves to us and yells champion. Ya random but on Saturday as we are heading to an appointment we rode past his house and he was outside so we stopped and talked to him...come to find out he is Peruvian. We talk a little about the Book of Mormon and he invites us back the next day. The next day right after chruch we show up and turns out it was his birthday was way fun and the food was delicious. We had Peruvian chicken and they all treated us like kings. We talked with them about God for a little while and then the subject got changed to gay marriage. They were all against it which is cool. The funny thing is that we talked with Peruvians in Japanese...there is something wrong with that...we should choose an easier language. They had all lived here about 10 years and they were so angry when we told them we had only lived in Japan for about a year. They wanted to know how we got so good. It is easy when you put your trust in God to help you. Just experiences like that show me that God really does help us and that we Have the Holy Ghost. We have help that other people don't realize we have but it is there. I know that God has blessed me and will bless anyone that seeks for his help.

Thank you everyone for your support...have a great week. be careful Pray always.

Elder Nelson

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