bon yasumi (August 14, 2011)

This is a very special week in Japan because its the week when they honor their ancestors. Most people travel to their home and go visit the graves of their ancestors so it has been a pretty eventful week. Well not really it was normal but still. This week was also transfers and I have been in my area for 4 transfers already so I was pretty sure I was going to get transferred. I mean 6 months in one area is pretty long. But when I got the call this morning it turns out I was wrong. I am staying in my area for 1 more transfer (at least) and I am going to be a trainer...pretty interesting...I was surprised. I am nervous to become trainer but I think it will be fun. I know nothing about my new companion...not even a name or what race he is.

Last night we went over to a member's house. It was really fun. The father use to be the branch president but is now less active and the mother is the only one that comes to church. It's really sad because the kids prayed and they were good at it but I don't know why they aren't coming to church. But anyway we had a delicious dinner than taught a lesson, then had dessert and right as we are about to eat dessert my companion says his stomach hurts and asks for some medicine. By the way my companion earlier told them that his favorite food is ice cream. So the member gets him some medicine and says that you probably shouldn't eat the dessert...which was like jello with fruit in it. Then the father takes a bite and says This is so's the best thing ever. Man if I couldn't eat this I would die. And my companion is just siting there sad and his stomach hurts...then the dad goes we should teach him a lesson about patience and long suffering...let's have ice cream he says. He needs to learn patience. So the mom goes and gets ice cream and we ate it in front of him....I enjoyed that way too much. haha.

But anyway I'm way excited to continue to work in Ogaki. I know im supposed to be here again. Thanks for the Love and support.

Elder Nelson

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