Takoyaki (August 28, 2011)

Well it has been a pretty good week...I mean my companion is still alive. So I'm not doing too bad. No but new missionaries coming over here have so much to learn. It is a big change. Everything is the opposite....including their language. It is fun but he is going good.

So yesterday after church we had a luncheon because we do that at least once a month. It was pretty good. We had two less actives there so it was very good. Actually we rode our bikes to go pick one of them up and then came back on bikes. He is like 43 and lives at home. He hasn't been to church in about 20 years so it was a good step. He talked with random members and made friends I think. Although he didn't come to sacrament meeting he took one step in the right direction so that is good. I don't think he has many friends so I think that he enjoyed talking to people. The stake president also visited our ward so it was nice to talk to him. He is a very Good man and loves the people so it is very good. But at the luncheon we had some tacoyaki. I'm not sure if I have ever explaned takoyaki before but it is a pretty popular Japanese dish. If you translate Takoyaki it means cooked octopus. It is like a ball of goo with tako in the middle. It is not that bad...actually octopus is good. If you get over the chewy tentacle part it is actually really good. I actually ate like 7 of the gooey balls.

Any way we had this new girl come to english class. She is 23 and from Peru. Then I was telling her about all the english classes we teach. and she is like why do you do all this for free. And I told her I love the people and I love to serve. Then she asks about the mormons. And so I talked to her about Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon and the need for a restoration and she was like that all makes sense so we are supposed to meet with her again tomorrow but it was really cool to talk to her and that is why I put so much effort in to english class because I believe it is a great finding tool. But it was really cool.

We also had a firework show here in Ogaki. We went and passed out flyers there and the fireworks were cool but we had some people that said they would come to the english class so it is very exciting.

Have a great week. Keep pressing forward.The church is true.

Elder Nelson

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