What a week!! (February 7, 2011)

It has been a way great and fast week. We had a lot of stuff happen.

First at the beginning of the week we went to Fukui and helped a lady shovel snow. It took us six hours and it seemed like we hardly did anything. There was so much snow. The funny thing was we got there and then after thirty minutes she said that she had to go to work so we stayed and shoveled until it got dark. The next day she called and was so happy. She was like today I don't have to shovel snow because you did such a good job. She also gave us nesquick which I will take for payment any day especially in Japan because it is super expensive. She was supposed to go to church yesterday but her son got sick.

Also this week I had a chance to teach a person who got baptized yesterday. That was really cool. I was on exchange and we taught her the commandments. The next day she was interviewed and then she received baptism yesterday...it was way cool. I was not able to attend but still I know it was a beautiful experience. The funny thing about her conversion story is that she has met with the missionries like two years before and she wasn't interested and then 2 weeks ago they started teaching her again and she accepted the gospel and was baptized. Way neat.

We also found this new investigator. He is a refferal and we have been trying to contact him all week. We finally got a hold of him and we scheduled an appointment to meet with him. He is way good. We haven't even met him and he is reading the Book of Mormon. We are looking forward to teach him this week.

Have a great week and continue beimg Strong.

Elder Nelson

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