last week in komatsu (February 27, 2011)

It is way sad to leave again. I feel like I am leaving my family again. It is way sad to transfer. I really did not like the weather but the members were way nice to us. (probably because we shoveled snow for them) No but seriosly it is way sad but I had a great last week here.

So last week's mission conference was amazing I feel like I didn't do it justice in my was truly incredible. You can feel that Elder Holland is a prophet of was really awesome.

This week was good. We met with Fiori and he really wants to get baptized but his wife is going to be an issue. She is like he needs to read more and go to church more to be baptized. So basically we are waiting on permission from the wife. She is way nice but she is kind of against us but the work will go forth. So hopefully he gets approval before March 20th but we will continue to work with him so his wife approves and by we I mean the next missionaries.

We also taught a new investigator this week. He isn't actually new but we found him in the former investigator's binder. He is really nice but he said he couldn't believe in the Book of Mormon. We asked him if he has prayed he said he has but not from his heart. Then he went on to say he couldn't pray from his heart because he was Buddhist in his heart so he could not pray from his heart...way sad. He is way nice but "can't" change from his Buddhist ways. He is 80 and said the first time he went to our church was age 16 so if he isn't an eternal investigator I don't know who is.

Life goes on and I am really glad I had the opportunity to work here and am excited to go to my new area which is pretty close to Nagoya so things will be good. I was able to work in Ogaki a little bit when I was in Inuyama and am excited to start teaching some investigators that I taught there.

Have a great week. Another great thing that Elder Holland said was "God Never Leaves Us" He is always with us and it is great to be able to realize that here while working in his vineyard.

Love Elder Nelson

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