Speechless (February 14, 2011)

Well this week I talked to a Siberian, was proposed to, got yelled at to shut up, met a member from an old area, and committed someone to baptism. If that isn't enough I get to meet Elder Holland on Friday. I feel like I am a news anchor but I feel like there could be a news report on my crazy week. It was really the most up down crazy week I have ever experienced in my life. Way fun.

Well first let me get one of the proudest moments I have ever experienced out. Well I was walking down the street with my companion and these two Siberians came up to us. We started talking to them (in english). After talking for a few minutes we asked them why they were here. They said to study Japanese at school. Then we asked them if they liked Japan. They said it was good except for the weather. I was like what??? You are from Siberia...that place must be way worse. But they replied "No, Japan is way worse. Like in Siberia the sun is out most of the time...here you never see it. Here it is constantly raining or snowing...in Siberia it just snows every once in a while." He did say that it was colder there but Siberia has better weather. I was shocked but I'll take his word for it. Japan has worse weather than Siberia. I'm not trying to complain or brag I'm just trying to put it in to perspective.

Another time I was walking down the street and my companion and I were talking about a part member family and how we were going to help them and this lady just starts yelling at us. We didn't even do anything. She yelled damare gaikokujin...Which means shut up foreigners. It was way random. It has never happened before. Usually people are nice to us...even when they reject us but that was weird.

This member from the Shizuoka Stake came up and visited with us. She took us out to lunch. It was way fun to see her agian. Her sister had a baby and lives up in this area so it was way cool to meet her again.

So another day we were headed down to Fukui to do district meeting. Now Friday was a holiday so kids were out of school. So as we were heading down to Fukui on the train, 3 girls stepped in. I was not sure how old they were but they start talking about me. So one of the girls said to me. I want to marry you! My companion just starts laughing but after talking with them I find out the girl is only 16 so a little out of range (right now). Too bad right?? Just kidding but it was way funny. She never said will you marry me so her dilivery was a little off but I am not exactly sure how you say that in Japanese anyway. She got off the train before me and they waved me off in tears because they probably would never see me again. I did invite them to Book of Mormon eikaiwa but we will see what happens.

And now for the real important news. We challenged Fiori to get baptised. He is from Brazil and a really cool guy. We have been trying to meet him for a long time and we finally were able to meet with him and share a lesson. The lesson was done in Portuguese so I had a little trouble understanding. At first I was a little worried because we were talking about the Book of Mormon and I just heard Fiori say nao nao...which means no no. But Elder Da Silva kept teaching and eventually I heard the word baptism come up. I understood that Fiori has heard about baptism before but that is about it. About a minute later after I hear Fiori say sim...which means yes, my companion jumps up in the air and almost hugs Fiori but instead just grabs his hand. I am a little confused but I have no idea what is happening but my companion is way happy so I got way happy also. Come to find out that he is going to get baptised in March if he gets an answer to his prayer. So we were really excited about that. If he prays he will get an answer so I am really excited.

Have a great week

Love Elder Nelson

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