Transfers!!! (January 17, 2011)

Well it has been a great and way fast transfer. I have pretty big news for everyone. I just will spit it out right at the front so I don't kill anyone with anticipation if that makes sense. Well Elder Holland is coming!!!!! I am so very excited that he is coming. So next month we are going to have a huge mission conference and Elder Holland will be there to speak. It is going to be so sweet. I am so excited.

Well today I received a phone call from the assistants and the result is that I will get a new companion here in Komatsu. He is a Brazillian so that is going to be interesting. The assistants mentioned a little bit about learing Portuguese so I think I might start studying Portuguese. My Japanese still isn't very good but I might start spending a little time studying Portuguese. We will see what happens. Our investigator pool doubled which is good. We had like 4 good investigators that we couldn't visit because they speak only portuguese. So I am excited to start working with them. I don't know too much about my companion but he comes tomorrow and Elder Larsen will be returning back to the fabulous Las Vegas. He is pretty excited but very sad at the same time.

This past week we had a big zone conference. It went way well I think. I wish I could tell you all the great things we learned but it would take 8 hours because that's how long the conference was. President wanted to keep going but he had to leave. One of the cool things we learned was a new way to ask for referrals. Before this conference I had received one referral in the area of Komatsu after the conference I have received 14 and am excited to keep using this method to get referrals. Referrals are the key to success. We also learned a lot of what President Baird did to get clients. We then changed it so that instead of getting clients we can get investigators. It is really good and I am excited to be doing it.

So it is going to be fun to contact those referrals this week and start teaching the Brazilians. I am way excited to start teaching them. Have a great week. Continue to work hard.

Love Elder Nelson

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