Snow (January 29, 2011)

I have shovelled more snow then you would believe. Man it was been a great week. I'll tell you more about it on Monday but I've been in Fukui all week. I wanted to go email there but they already did and it would have cost us all 6 bucks so I just waited until today. Sorry it is late but im here now. It sounds like everyone has had a great week. Especially the Packers. Man, uruyamashii. Not really just because they didn't win last year. I expect the game to still be on the dvr when I get home. Like I'm serious. This is important to missionary work. Go Packers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So Elder Da silva is cool. He lived in America for one year where he attended his senior year of high school. It was actually an exchange student program. He wants to go to byu provo when he gets back but he hasn't gone to college yet.We picked up this new investigator who is really good I think. He use to have a baptismal date but no one here could speak Portuguese so he kind of got forgotten a little but now we are back teaching him. I think it will be real good. The members were really excited to get a Brazilian missionary. There aren't too many strong Brazilian ward members they are all less active or recent converts so Elder Da silva will be really good for them. I'm excited to start working with them more. Brazilians also make good food so that is good but seriously.

So this morning we woke up and we went to the church to shovel the church parking lot. We shoveled for like 2 hours and then a bulldozer guy came and was like I think I'm supposed to do it. We finished half but we decided to let him to the other half. It was way nice. It was actully a member's job but we decided to help them. So because we helped them for 2 hours we got was way good. Ill work 2 hours for lunch anyday....maybe. LOL it was good.

Chris is going good...I guess. Actually we keep trying to do things with him but they keep falling through. You think he would want to hang out with us because we are two cool people his age that speak his language. Whatever...we will keep trying.

I haven't really started studying portuguese yet. I'm way nervous because if I start studying portuguese my whole mission will change. I will be sent to different areas and have different companions so I am a little nervous. My thinking right now is that my call says Japanese and my mission president hasn't said anything else so I'm thinking of sticking to Japanese but I don't know. When I have free time I study Portuguese but nothing serious. Have a great few days I'll write again on Monday.

Elder Nelson

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