General Conference (October 11, 2010)

What A great week it has been. I was able to listen to conference...and it was my birthday, so pretty much my weekend couldn't get any better. I hope everybody was able to enjoy all sessions of conference.

First of all thanks to everyone that said happy birthday. I really appreciated the email. It really made me realize how many people truly are helping me. Thanks for everything. Even if you just thought about me once this week, every little bit helps. President Baird called me that night (October 9th). We were out biking in the rain because it rained all day. We took some cover and I was able to talk to him. It was very nice. He is an emotional man even when saying happy birthday. I really appreciated that. I also was sent a lot of sugar. Anyone that has been to Japan before knows that Japan does not have the sweetest things. Yes they have candy but it is a little different. I think I have had more sugar this week than my whole stay in Japan...Maybe. The members here also celebrated my birthday. It was really nice of them. It is good to know that whereever you are there are kind Church members there to help you. They fed me a cheeseburger, which was really good. Of coarse we had a side of rice. Then a chocolate cake for dessert. It was really kind of them.

Earlier this week we kind of had a party with other missionaries. The zone leaders came and stayed with us and we made chiken katsu. (next week I will send a picture.) They weren't there for my birthday but still. Then we slammed tim tams. This is probably one of the most chocolate things you can do. There is really an explosion of chocolate in your mouth. You buy these things called tim tams. Hard to explain but they are chocolatey. They have like a chocolate filling and a chocolate coat around a chocolate cookie. Chocolatey right. You then make hot cocoa. You bite off the ends of the tim tam and suck up the chocolate. Once the tim tam starts to melt you suck the whole cookie up and there is an explosion of hot chocolate and tim tam in your mouth. I slammed six and then had a stomach ache. Good thing I did that at night so that I could sleep it off. So basically what I am trying to say is I had a great birthday week.

I am now 20 so I can do whatever I want in Japan. It is cool. It won't change what i do but still. It is a big deal in Japan I think. They have theie own speacial word for twenty. Like I'm not twenty I am a man. Then after twenty you go back to 21. It is interesting.

I Just want to tell you what a great opportunity we had to listen to a prophet from the Lord. One of the things stated in the conference over and over again is to listen to the Prophet. With so many men of God testifying and warning people to listen to the Prophet it seems like a good idea to do. I loved President Eyrings talk about trusting in the Lord. He stated over and over the blessings that come from trusting in the Lord. Sometimes at first it is hard but every single time in the long run it turn out of the best. Either it is easier or strengthens us. It is so important to trust in the Lord which means to listen and act according to the words of the prophet. One of the first things president Monson said was For ALL worthy young men to serve a mission. He said “it was a responsibility.” It is not only a responsibility but a privilege. We as missionaries are literal servants of the Lord. He heads our work. We are blessed daily according to our obedience. It is a great blessing for us and our families. He also asked us to review the talks in the Ensign. I personally can't wait to read the talks. I know this Church is true and that it is lead by a Prophet, Thomas S. Monson.

Elder Nelson

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