General Conference (October 4, 2010)

I hope everyone had a great conference weekend. I know I sure did. The sad thing is I didn't get to see conference. I am not exactly sure what time it would have been brodacast live here but ya we didn't see it. We get to watch it next weekend. Saturday from 10-12, 1-3, 4-6. And on Sunday from 10-12 and 1-3. It should be great. We are excited and trying to get our investigators excited for it. Hopefully they will be as excited as I am for it. I am pretty excited so that's good. Unfortunately we did not see one investigator last week. Just kidding but seriously if we saw them they were sick. If they weren't sick they weren't home and weren't able to meet us so it was a tough week with that but we met a lot of less actives and potential investigators. We talked to some kids at the park throwing a baseball around so it was good.

So recently it dawned on me...why all japanese people have squinty eyes. I have figured it out. I figured it out a while ago but keep forgeting to write it. So I think that the sun is closer to Japan than the US. I don't know why or how but the sun is super bright here (when it is out). When I am outside I have to squint. If I don't squint my eyes hurt. Therefore I am always squinting. Pretty soon my eyes will be like that permanently. I am going to come home half Japanese. I haven't figured out the black hair thing but you don't have to worry about that. The blonde hair is what gets people to talk to me. I do not want the attention it is just always there. I can't move without being stared at. It is good. I talk to a lot of people that way.

Our number one progressing investigator has been sick all week. Also her husband has been home which I am not sure how much he likes us. I have never even talked to or even seen him. My companion has seen him a couple times but the guy isn't too nice to him. He isn't mean he just ignores us. If he gives us the slightest chance he'll like us so we will keep being nice.

We are going to a mall today. It is going to be fun. It is like a 30 minute train ride. My companion wants to buy a new suit. Then tomorow is sports night. We get to play volleyball and basketball with some members and investigators. It will be good. I am excited. It should be a great week.

Alright have a great week

Elder Nelson

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