Buffet (August 2, 2010)

Hello Everybody

It sounds like it has been another great week back in America. It has been a great one here.

Transfer calls came in and....Let me tell you how nerve racking they are. Not as bad as opening your mission call but still a little nerve racking. Espeacially when the phone rings. So President Baird called me this morning and informed me that I am getting a new companion. Elder Witt is going to Ichinomia, if you are wondering, which was one of his previous areas, and i am now companions with Elder Fredrickson. I think that is how you spell it. I have met him once I think but I am not sure. He sounds really cool. That is all the information I have about him. I am excited to start working with a new elder. It was fun to serve with Elder Witt but things go on. I am very excited.

I show all the members the photos you sent me. They love them. They love looking at photos. They gave me a hard time when I only had two so thank you. They think Joshs broken toe is very funny. Sorry Josh but you will probably never meet them so don't be to embarassed.

Zach guess what, I also have to give a talk in sacrament meeting. It is on th 8th. It is on the subject of trials and its not in english. It is going to be 15 minutes long. When the second counselor called me he said just talk really slowly so that is what I will do. I was nervous about giving one in english for that long so we will see how this goes.

I had the best meal the other day. A member took us out to eat to a buffet. It was awesome. They but this pot filled with spicy liquid in front of you. You have a hot plate in front of you to heat it up. Then you can throw meat and veggies in it. You take it out of the boiling liquid and eat it. It was so good. I just kept throwing meat in it. It was so awesome.

We also had a baptism!!! yay! she was a little girl and she just turned 8. We were very happy for her. We actually taught her all the lessons and told her to pray about the Book of Mormon. Yesterday over the pulpit she told everyone that she prayed and got an answer. I thought that was way cool. She is an awesome example.

I know this church is true.

Love Elder Nelson

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