The two fairest of them all (August 8, 2010)

Good morning morning everyone.

It has been a geat week in Inuyama.

First, let me tell you a little bit about transfers. So President Baird calls me Monday morning and tells me that I will be receiving a new companion. He told me a little bit about him and then told me that we are both very fair. He said we are probably the two fairest in the mission. I thought that was way funny. So basically Elder Fredrickson and I are the two whitest missionaries in the mission. Ya he has blond hair and blue eyes just like me. Funny, we stand out quite a bit. I think we are the only two here that have natural blond hair. Some have fake blond hair but its like orange. It is way fun, random people are always talking to us.

In America, everyone wants to be tan, correct. Well it is quite the opposite in Japan. Everyone here wants to be pale. It is kind of funny but most of them tan way easy and they do not like it especially the women. I just think it is funny because I am pretty pale without trying, so I fit in pretty well in that aspect. So like lately it has been like 40 degrees with humidity which is way hot that's all I know. But people walk around fully clothed so the sun will no get them. I am talking hats umbrellas gloves and pants in the summers. It is kind of funny.

I ate at a Brazillian's house this past week. I love eating at their houses because like me they love meat. It was way good. We had like meat balls with rice and this stuff called fachon. It was way good. They also gave us this weird dessert. It was like this purple jello jelly stuff with sweeten condensed milk so it was way good. I also had a hot dog which is very rare but they are way good. It is like 5 dollars for 8 of them so I never buy them because there is other meat that is cheaper. Yes, like bacon.

This week I also learned how to do a Japanese dance. It was pretty fun to learn it. It is very easy and I think everyone in Japan knows it including me. It was way fun.

Ya our investigators are doing ok. They have been going out of town for summer break or they are busy. It is hard to teach people when they are way busy but we have a bunch of appaointments scheaduled for tomorrow. That is good that we will be busy. We found a basketball player and he is 6 6 about. The tallest Japanese person ever but he is very busy playing basketball for his college but he is a way cool guy.

My talk went well. I talked for 20 minutes. It was good. Everyone understood it

It is really important to rely on the spirit. I haven't had a companion that knows the area this last week so it is all up to me. I have to depend heavilly on the Lord or else my plans will fail. It is so important to listen to the spirit every day.

I am glad to be serving a mission

Love Elder Nelson

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