Hello (July 25, 2010)


It has been another week to remember in the great city of Inuyama. I hope everyone is having a great summer vacation. The Kids here finally got out of school. They seemed very excited. Too bad the high school kids still go to school. I don't completely understand why but today we saw them walking to school in their uniforms but it is now technically summer break.

I also had a great pioneer day. Let me tell you. there was this huge festival. We were in a different city but it was there. There were fireworks and a parade all for Pioneer day I think. The fireworks were pretty, at least the ones I saw. I was so happy to see such a great holiday celeberated in a country so far from where the pioneers traveled.

It is really hot here in Japan. It is different from Vegas. We are actually in the hottest part of Japan. I sweat a lot but I did in vegas so I am not surprised.

Yesterday was a very interesting day. We show up to the church and the ac is broken. That kind of stunk. But the upstairs one was working so we all went upstairs. They were going to send us home after just taking the sacrament but the ac started to work again. So my companion got to give a talk about the pioneers. It was good. But at 11 am he said good morning over the pulpet. Apparently at 11 you are supposed to say good afternoon because the next speaker over the pulpit told everyone that's what you are supposed to do. I laughed. He didn't think it was as funny as I did. Then we decided to go to Kani. It was an hour bike ride and we hardly got there but we went there. Then we decided to go to this random appartment. We knocked on one door and found a new investigator. He is like 20. I forgot his name but it is like Takano or someting. He took the Book of Mormon no problem which is weird because most people don't like taking stuff for free. He took it though and said he would read it. It was way cool because we really had no idea why we were out there but we found out. Unfortunatly on the way back both of my companion's tires popped. (on his bike). I wasn't too surprised because he had already gotten two flat tires earleir in the week. Those who are counting with me have figured out that he had 4 flat tires in a week. It was tough for him. It was late when this happened and we were a 45 minute bike ride away. We walked to the nearest train station and tried to take our bikes on but they wouldn't let us. Long story short, we are safe and both our bikes are in working order.

Yesterday we also got a hold of Chris, the Nigerian, he fell off our map for a while but we are going to visit him tonight. He went to Nigeria or something i am not entirely sure. Hopefully he doesn't leave on us again because he is a really good person and just needs a little help.

I am thankful for the opportunity to serve. I know that God works miracles in our lives. Have a great week.

Elder Nelson

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